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Looking Forward: Planting 1,000 Trees

17 Jan 2014 | Posted by | Under Blog

Our mission at Twigly is to show how small actions can have a BIG impact. One way we’re doing that is by committing to plant up to 1,000 trees through, a project of the Nature Conservancy. Ever since we first came up with the idea behind Twigly, we knew we wanted a way to […]

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Four simple ways to give back daily

15 Jan 2014 | Posted by | Under Blog

Ever wish you could do more to help your favorite charity? Sure you do. But like everyone else, your days are full while bank account never seems to be. What if giving back didn’t cost a fortune? Even better what if it fit into your life with little change at all?   Here are a […]

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Make 2014 Your ‘Year Of Giving’

11 Jan 2014 | Posted by | Under Blog
New year Resolutions Note

Many folks are generous around the holiday season but just as that egg nog has an expiration date, so does some people’s desire to give. It’s easy when presented with a sad puppy or hungry child to feel the urge to pitch in. However long after the marketing blitz has faded, there are still sad […]

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What is Twigly?

15 Dec 2013 | Posted by | Under Blog

For starters, Twigly has been a part of my life for almost two years now. It was an idea that has been pushed off, pushed back and generally neglected for some time. That is until a few months back. I decided to re-prioritize my life and move forward those things that have been gathering dust […]

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