Four simple ways to give back daily

15 Jan 2014 | Posted by | Under Blog

Ever wish you could do more to help your favorite charity? Sure you do. But like everyone else, your days are full while bank account never seems to be. What if giving back didn’t cost a fortune? Even better what if it fit into your life with little change at all?


Here are a few ways to add a little good into your daily routine:


Donate a Photo

Donate a Photo, from Johnson & Johnson, is an app that lets you connect to the causes you care about and raise money by taking a picture. Sound easy? It is.


Give $1 Today

From the folks over at Google, OneToday lets you learn about a new cause every day and donate to projects that inspire you, $1 at a time. You can even make it social by matching your friends’ donations. One Today is available on Android via Google Play and on iOS via the App Store.


Log a Few Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a simple way to integrate giving into your daily workout. Earn money and raise awareness for charities every time you exercise. Bikers earn 10¢ a mile while walkers and runners earn 25¢ a mile, up to their initial $1,000,000 pool. Fair warning: Getting healthy while doing good may become addictive.


“Charity” Credit Cards

If you’re the type of person who’s always using plastic, why not let your spending do a little good? Companies like Bank of America offer “Charity Cards” that provide donations to your favorite organization each time you use them. Keep in mind that these donations are small and you should always do your homework before getting any credit card. More information is available here.
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