What is Twigly?

15 Dec 2013 | Posted by | Under Blog

For starters, Twigly has been a part of my life for almost two years now. It was an idea that has been pushed off, pushed back and generally neglected for some time. That is until a few months back. I decided to re-prioritize my life and move forward those things that have been gathering dust in my head. One of them was Twigly.


Twigly was created to help answer a simple question:

How can one person make a difference right now?

Whether it’s Volunteering at their local shelter, making a small donation or even just sending out a tweet, individuals have the power to do great things.


More importantly, I wanted to show how those small acts could lead to amazing things.


What if you couldn’t afford to make a donation, but posted a message to your Facebook page instead? Maybe that one post could lead to several donations, newly discovered volunteers or even lifelong charitable connections.


I imagined a tree sprouting up with branches for each share and leaves to show donations. A simple way to show how small actions can net a non-profit huge returns and how one person really can make a difference.


While we’re still working on the visualizations, Twigly has launched is unofficial… official beta.


Visitors can now:

It’s a small start in the right direction but to continue on, we need your help. Our goal is to connect individuals with non-profits as well as giving those organizations the tools necessary to keep progressing forward in the digital age.


We’re asking you to take to your social media accounts and help us spread the word. Share small acts of good or ways that others can help and include the #twigly hashtag. We’ll include those messages in our Social feeds found here.


We encourage anyone interested in lending a hand to drop us a line. We’re always looking for extra hands to lighten the load.


We’re active on Twitter at @twigly so Tweet Us too!


Thanks for taking the time to check us out and please come back again. I’ll even add some more random stuff on the homepage!


Devin Holdraker
Director of Goodness @Twigly